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Affordable Franchise Opportunities: Discover the upside of upscale.

Among up and coming franchises, The Brass Tap is perfectly suited for investors seeking a multi unit franchise because we are among the most affordable franchises to own. If you’re seeking the best franchise with low investment requirements, we highly encourage you to learn more about the Brass Tap’s master franchise agreement and multiple unit franchising.

Our brand is approachable to guests and investors alike, and for the same reasons. Guests appreciate a consistent experience unmatched by competitors, investors appreciate our business model and its track record for performing.

Frothy craft beer in glass tumblers

Looking for the best franchise with low investment requirements?

The Brass Tap offers affordable franchise opportunities:

  • Lowest cost in the industry
  • One of the most competitive franchise offerings in the industry
  • Comprehensive business support and training
  • Less complex than running a restaurant (and much more fun)
  • Multi-unit operators a way to invest in the craft beer industry and achieve diversified performing portfolio of locations at a competitive investment to secure exclusive right to entire markets
  • Road map to 5-year multi-unit development inclusive of full franchise multi-function support and preferred financing programs
Good times well crafted - discover the best franchise with low investment
Brass Tap Craft Beer Bar Franchise